innovative biotech company focused on hemp cannabinoid research and development, has begun composition work on its two (2) new Cannabis Cannabinoid-Based pharmaceutical drugs and has initiated patent studies on its three (3) new nutraceutical products. This is the first project Earth Science Tech and its wholly owned subsidiary, Cannabis Therapeutics, are working with Smart Medicines GMP on as a result of the Company’s recently finalized joint venture.

Earth Science Tech and Cannabis Therapeutics two (2) new Cannabis Cannabinoid-Based pharmaceutical drug formulations (compositions) are expected to be completed by summer 2017, with non-prescription nutraceuticals being available Cannabinoids for sale sale before the end of the year and the pharmaceutical-grade products being launched in the first or second quarter of 2018.

Earth Science Tech and Cannabis Therapeutics initial patent-pending Cannabinoid-Based nutraceutical product/products being developed seek to offer a broad spectrum of health protection, including immune system strengthening properties and strong antioxidant properties among a variety of other heath & overall wellness benefits. Another nutraceutical Cannabinoid-Based product in the pipeline seeks to improve and protect brain and liver function, which can improve the quality of life Cannabinoids for sale patients, especially those experiencing harsh side effects from traditional medicines. The final nutraceutical to be developed is a prophylactic that aims to prevent some of the more common causes of cancer to help reduce occurrence rates.