This petition is to urge our leaders to act now to amend the zoning ordinance restricting a Package Store from operating on 2000 N. Eastman Rd.

• The property at 2000 N. Eastman Rd Longview, TX was purchased with the intention of becoming the home of Heritage Wine & Spirits, but only AFTER the zoning was verified to support a package store and with the issuance of the TABC permits (Package Store).
• Unfortunately, during the TABC application process, the ordinance restricting a package store was over looked by the City Secretary, and the permits were issued to Heritage Wine & Spirits. The only way for the City of Longview to correct this error is by amending the ordinance.
• The ordinance was placed back in 2001 to protect the value and desirability of THIS property, and NOT adjoining properties. as stated in the Ordinance. However, the landscape has changed much since then as there is a Gas Station across the street selling alcohol presently; thus, the best-case use for said property is to continue becoming the home of Heritage Wine & Spirits.

Heritage Wine & Spirits applied and received permits from the TABC and the City of Longview prior to purchasing the property hindered by the ordinance mentioned above, by meeting the following:
1. The Site is more than 300ft away from the closest Church and School
2. Certification from The City Secretary (Signed and Notarized) that the location is in a “WET” area and NOT PROHIBITED BY CHARTER OR ORDINANCE in reference to the sale of such alcoholic beverages.
3. Certification from the County Clerk that the location for which the permit is sought is in “WET” area for such license/permit(s), and is not prohibited by any valid order of the Commissioner’s Court.
4. Certified by the Comptroller of Public accounts (Sales Tax Permit)
Given notice to the Public of longview texas fair 2013 via a publishing of the “Notice for Application” in the Longview News Journal