Just as you think you have everything under control for your online business – the perfect shopping cart, an active affiliate program, and sound social media strategies, new innovations in eCommerce threaten to leave you behind the curve. It’s amazing to think that just five years ago you needed only a good cart software with strong META tags to stay ahead of your competition. These days, if a customer can’t pull up your site on an iPhone or Android, you lose business.
When you liked this article and you would like to obtain more information regarding gangstar vegas hack apple generously visit the page. According to a recent article in Mashable, sales of smart phones rose nearly fifty percent in the first quarter alone in 2010. It is forecast, too, that sales of products and services completed via mobile phone are expected to top two billion by year’s end, with a projected $119 billion spent via mobile five years from now! With many of the major online retailers like and eBay touting free phone apps for easier shopping, it stands to reason smaller companies will quickly fall into place in order to keep up with the demand. Indeed, mobile commerce presents many advantages to the consumer: one is able to place orders for delivery or pickup while in transit, and one can use mobile GPS technology to track down physical stores for their needs. Travel bookings, restaurant reservations, and buying everything from books to clothing to cars happens now with the brush of a thumb against a tiny screen.
Naturally, the question among smaller businesses and entrepreneurs arises: how can one launch a successful and viable mobile commerce presence that won’t break the bank? Corporations have the capital to invest, yes, but if you are working on a modest budget that can only accommodate your website cart, you may be discouraged from expanding your business. Don’t fret. You’ll find as the technology grows, so do affordable options suited to your needs.
Search for the Right Fit – If your cart provider doesn’t offer a mobile package, perhaps now is the time to shop around for a replacement. Upgrades that include mobile viewing for customers are fast becoming available for small businesses who rely on the Web to sell.
Trick Up Your Social Media -A� If you have a Facebook fan page for your business, you can sell products via mobile phones. Though you can set up a social plugin on your page to sell products, it may not show up directly on somebody’s cell phone. However, since apps for Facebook and Twitter are popular, you can use them regularly to point visitors to specific links on your main cart site.
Partner with Commerce Programs – Groupon, a popular community coupon site, partners with businesses in several US markets to promote online and physical retail and services. Because this site and similar programs are easily accessible in mobile, it gives your business the opportunity to broaden your reach and turn first time coupon users into regular patrons.
Explore your mobile commerce options in order to expand your business and reach the audience where they are now, searching for goods on iPhones, BlackBerries, and Androids. It is possible to maintain and improve your success without going bankrupt, just know what is available to you.