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If you are looking to purchase a headset with extraordinary sound for your games but can’t afford to spend a great deal, you will like the Ear Force X12 Headset. These big 50 mm speakers produce outstanding highs and deep lows. Access to the volume and bass are simple to get to because of the in-line amplifier. Since it has a separate connection for microphone and line signals, the X12 is a superb headset for PC gaming.

The X12 is the next generation of the most well-known XBOX gaming headset, the X11, which offers the 50 mm speakers and adjustable bass. The excellent audio quality gives the X12 an edge over other speakers. If you cherished this informative article and you would like to receive more information about energy take classic specifications generously stop by our web site. You are going to hear things with the X12 that will be missed when using regular speakers. It will be easy to listen for a loading weapon, click in the distance, or the noise of an opponent’s footsteps. It can give you the advantage to winning the game, when you can hear the sound in no time to take out the enemy, before they take you out. You’ll be able to play for extended periods with these headphones because the ear cups are big and heavily cushioned.

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If you need the best quality of sound for your gaming, you’ll be completely impressed with the X12. You can play games in comfort for extended hours with the comfortable ear cushions and make audio adjustments with virtually no problems. You can even make quick adjustments to game audio and chat volumes due to the independent controls. You don’t have to worry about batteries or an additional wire from AC adapters because these Xbox 360 headsets get its power from the USB connection. The product reviews for the X12 have been largely favorable so you probably will not make a poor choice by getting it.

Something that a lot of people like about the X12 is that the mic is excellent at picking up whispers and mumbles. The overall excellent audio quality and convenient bass control are also features that lots of customers enjoy. They’re not noise canceling, but they probably cut the noise in half, at least. These headset also are comfy for people who wear glasses even after extended sessions. One of the disadvantages for this headset is since the mic is really sensitive, it tends to pick up too much background noise. Other individuals do not like to hear their own voice whenever they do chat. It does tell you if your microphone is muted or not. Nevertheless, the way the mute is placed, it could be switched on or off by accident very easily.

Whether you observe a significant difference with this headset, might be determined by an older headset you have used. For some people it’s going to be a big improvement, and for others it may not. It is best to give it a try for yourself to find out if it is perfect for you.